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For the first time children are now able to recreate their Moshi monsters online home in their own homes with the Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home play set.

Children will be delighted to discover that they can style their own My Moshi Home play set to look just like their online Moshi home.


What is the Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home?

With this exciting Moshi Monster My Home play set children can design and stylise their own Moshi home. The play set features over 20 different accessories enabling children the ability  to change everything from windows, doors, floors and decorations.

Children can alter many aspects of the play set home themselves. The play set allows them to use their creative side to style their My Moshi Home to be just like their online Moshi home or to look completely different, the choice is completely theirs.

Items that children can alter include window frames, floors, doors, furniture, decorations and stickers which all help to create the Moshi home that they chose. With the ever increasing popularity of Moshi Monsters this play set promises to be a huge best seller this Christmas 2012.

What are the main features of the My Moshi Home?

Here is a list of the main features of the My Moshi Home: 

  • Play set gives children the freedom to create their own Moshi Monsters home
  • Play set features removable window frames, doors, furniture, decorations and re-usable stickers
  • Play set includes a light up floor 
  • Play set includes a figure called Poppet 
  • Play set includes 20 accessories including pop-up bin, Telegroan, Friends Tree and Wheel of Fortune
  • An upper floor can be added onto the Moshi home
  • The Moshi home is easily opened and closed by its hinges
  • Play set features a secret code for a special Limited Edition online Moshling
  • Play set is suitable for children aged 4 years and up
  • Play set is easily portable 
  • Play set can be closed on its hinges for easy storage

What are Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monster are now one of the most popular children's brands in the world. Children everywhere love to collect and play with Moshi Monsters and all their accessories.

The world of Moshi Monsters features fun pet monsters who children can chose to adopt. Moshi Monsters combine cute looking virtual pet monsters with online game play and educational puzzles.

Children are able to choose from six virtual pet Moshi monsters that they can then customise, name and nurture. Once they have customised their chosen pet Moshi monster they can then navigate through the online Moshi Monster world by problem solving puzzles and playing games.

They are also able to collect Moshlings (cute creatures for Moshi Monsters to catch) and earn the game currency which allows them purchase additional accessories for their virtual pet Moshi monster.

Bring Moshi Monsters to life

With the help of the included Moshi Monster called Poppet children can design and arrange their Moshi Monster home with all the included accessories and special feature items such as the Telegroan or the Wheel of Fortune.

Children can decorate the walls with the included re-usable stickers and when they are bored with their design they can start all over again. This is an exciting  toy that will definitely provide children with many hours of entertainment!

Great portability for easy fun

The Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home is easily portable and can be set up on the floor or on a table or anywhere where there’s a flat surface. This is good news if children want to take the play set to a friend's house or on holiday.

The house can be swung open by its hinges which then shows the inside of the house all ready for children to stylise how they please. Externally, children can choose between two front doors for their Moshi house and internally children can choose their own colour schemes by picking what they would like on the walls, floors and windows of the house.

Children can also add on an upper level to their Moshi home by slotting in one of the included floors. When children have finished playing with their Moshi house it can be closed up by its hinges with all the accessories stored safely inside.

Is the My Moshi Home a good toy for my child?

If your child is a big fan of Moshi Monsters and all their associated paraphernalia then this will make an excellent gift for them to open on Christmas day 2012.

The Moshi Home will provide children with a welcome change from the online world of Moshi Monsters and they will undoubtedly enjoy being able to share the exciting world of Moshi Monsters with all their family and friends.

The My Moshi Home play set will help to develop children's imaginative and creative skills. Children will love decorating their My Moshi house in different styles and colour schemes and re-arranging all the included accessories over and over again. They will also enjoy imaginative role play games with their friends providing many hours of fun.

Please note that this play set is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to the small parts it includes.

What do other customers think?

As the My Moshi Home play set is so new to the market, there are no customer reviews yet available. However, we feel sure there will be many great customer reviews as we get nearer to Christmas 2012.

We are certain the My Moshi play set is going to be a very popular Christmas gift in 2012.

In Summary

We feel that the My Moshi Home play set will make a great gift for Moshi Monsters fans everywhere this Christmas 2012. With the increasing popularity of the Moshi Monsters brand we feel sure that the My Moshi Home play set is guaranteed to be a Christmas best seller.

If you know of a big Moshi Monsters fan then it might be wise to order the My Moshi Home play set early to guarantee a happy Moshi Monster fan on Christmas day!

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