My KeepOn Dancing Robot - Watch His Moves!

My Keepon Dancing RobotMy Keepon Dancing Robot promises to be one of the best selling toys of Christmas 2011 but what makes it such a great toy?

My Keepon is an interactive dancing robot aimed at children of all ages as well as adults. My KeepOn features 2 different modes - touch and dance. In touch mode he will react when touched with a number of different responses including movements and sounds. In dance mode he can hear and adjust his movement to the music and dance in rhythm to it.

What are the key features of My KeepOn?

My KeepOn includes the following key features:

  • Highly interactive dancing robot
  • 10 inches in height
  • Dance and touch modes available 
  • Built in microphone and beat detector so My KeepOn can hear music and dance in rhythm to it
  • Built in sensors so My KeepOn can respond to touch and react with a variety of sounds, moods and movement

What is My KeepOn Dancing Robot?

Manufactured in the UK by WOW! Stuff, My KeepOn is a dancing robot that loves to move and groove to all kinds of musical beats. The robot includes 2 modes of dance and touch and these can be switched over by a button. Turn him on and watch him interact with the music.

Dance Mode

In dance mode My KeepOn will cleverly pick up on the musical beat and dance in perfect time to the rhythm which is really impressive to watch!

My KeepOn Dancing Robot has a built-in microphone and beat detector which allows him to hear the music, pick up on the beat and dance in rhythm. My KeepOn’s little yellow body is able to bop and twist in time to the music.

My KeepOn is even clever enough to pick up on clapping, whistling and humming.

My KeepOn does a totally different dance every time so children (and adults!) will never get bored of watching him. In fact, it won’t be long before the whole family is bopping with him!

Touch Mode

In touch mode My KeepOn will respond to being touched in a huge number of ways. My KeepOn has built-in sensors under his skin which means he will react when prodded, tapped or tickled. It is even possible to make MyKeepOn do a cute sneeze by scratching his nose!

My KeepOn Dancing Robot has a little personality all of his own and it won’t be long before everyone will get to know him. His character is reflected through his movements and reactions when touched and vary from friendly noises to sleepiness.

Watch MyKeepon Dance in this Video

Is My KeepOn suitable for my child?

My KeepOn is aimed at children aged 6 years and over but will make the perfect gift for children as well as adults this Christmas. If you think your child will like MyKeepon, you may also be interested in the Dance Star Mickey interactive dancing figure or Smokey the Fire Truck who also provides interactive fun for kids.

What do others customers think about My KeepOn?

My KeepOn hasn’t yet been released in the UK so there aren’t any customer feedback comments available.

In Summary

My KeepOn Dancing Robot  is a very cute yellow robot with a huge personality! Although My KeepOn cannot talk, he somehow still manages to make you love him with his body language and cute sounds! It won’t be long before he feels like a part of your family and everyone’s best friend. My KeepOn is definitely going to be a big hit this Christmas!

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