Nerf N Strike Night Finder - Lock, Load and Fire!

Nerf N Strike Night Finder ToyThe Nerf N Strike Night Finder is another great toy in the popular Nerf range. In a nutshell, it is a totally safe blaster that is designed to be used during the day or at night and it is guaranteed to keep your child entertained for many hours!

The best thing about this Nerf N Strike Gun is that it is timeless so your child will continue to enjoy it for many years to come. Of course, newer models will be released but this version will remain just as exciting as ever.

The Nerf N-Strike Night Finder has some great features:

  • Long range red light beam targeting
  • Sturdy and attractive design
  • Comes with a target stand
  • Can blast up to 15 feet
  • 3 suction darts included

What is the Nerf N-Strike Night Finder?

This Nerf N Strike gun from Hasbro is not only lots of fun but also educational as it will help in improving your child's hand and eye coordination.

The Nerf N Strike Night Finder has a long range light beam which is effective up 15 feet away. This long range light beam will enable your child to fire very accurately. Your child will love playing with this cool toy, especially in the dark with their friends.

This toy is very affordable, so much so, that if you have more than one child (or an ‘big kid’ in the house such as a Daddy) then you might want to consider purchasing them one each so they can have great fun chasing each other around! 

The gun comes with 3 suction darts which can also be used in the dark. You can rest assured that they are soft and won't cause any injuries to anyone or damage anything in your house. In addition to this gun, Nerf have also released the Nerf Vortex Nitron in time for the Christmas rush.

Is The Nerf Night Finder suitable for my child?

This very cool toy is guaranteed to go down a storm with any child (or adult) that loves physical play!

A brilliant idea might be to have a party using them and give one to every child. If your child wants to play alone then the The Nerf N Strike Night Finder comes with a target stand so they can still practice shooting at targets.

Please note that this toy is only suitable for children aged 12 months and over.

What are other customers saying about this Gun?

The Nerf Night Finder is new to the market so there isn’t much customer feedback yet. However, the Nerf range of toys has always been incredibly popular so this toy is set to be as successful as others in the range.

In Summary

The Nerf N Strike Night Finder is very cool and is sure to be a massive hit this Christmas with children everywhere. Get yours now for hours of fun solo and group play.

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