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Most adults will recognise the name of the iconic football game called 'Subbuteo'.

Subbuteo is one of the world's most famous and well loved sports games and now after 15 years away, an updated version is back on our shelves, just in time for Christmas 2012.

Football fans of all ages will love the new and updated Subbuteo game.

What are the main features of Subbuteo?

Here is a list of the main features of Subbuteo:

  • Well known and loved sports game
  • Updated to include much more detail 
  • Players are now much stronger and more flexible 
  • Players have new flexible bases and improved swerve, slide and balance
  • Improved football pitch printed on non-crease fabric
  • A good range of top Premier League club teams available to buy separately
  • A range of other accessories also available to buy separately
  • For 2-4 players
  • Suitable for children aged 8 years and over

The new SubbuteoGame includes the following:

  • 20 players (10 players in red kit and 10 players in blue kit)
  • 2 goalkeepers
  • 2 goals 
  • 1 pitch
  • 1 Subbuteo Ball
  • Rules

Let's take a closer look

Subbuteo is a well loved game that over the years has become hugely popular with all generations of football fans.  It has recently been updated and the new version has been released into the market and now includes much more detail alongside some other big improvements.

Updated players

The updated Subbuteo features new players that are now much stronger and more flexible. With the old Subbuteo game players were well known to break away from their bases and would be need to be regularly glued back on. Players also now have new flexible bases and improved swerve, slide and balance for enhanced game play.

Improved pitch

The updated Subbuteo game includes a new and improved pitch that is printed on non-crease fabric which means no ironing out is required beforehand and also means that teams will be able to move much faster and with increased accuracy.

More detail

The updated Subbuteo game features a great deal more detail than before, for example there is now  much more detail included on the players kits.

In this new version of the game, Subbuteo have designed additional accessories that can be purchased separately. These include referees, fences (useful for preventing the ball falling off the table!) and different coloured balls. ¬We are sure that as the popularity for Subbuteo rises that the manufacturers will add to these accessories and more will become available to buy.

Premier League Teams

A fantastic new range of accessories available to buy separately for the new Subbuteo game is the great range of fully licensed Premier League teams. These include big teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea.

There are also a mall selection of international teams available to buy including England, Ireland and Scotland.

There are now also a big range of players wearing generic coloured strips available to buy separately and these can be picked to represent a child's favourite football team as well as the licensed teams.

How do you play the game?

The game is very simple to play. For a game with two players, each player has a team of eleven players and they then have a set amount of time (for example, ten minutes each way) to score the most goals.

The football players are moved by flicking them about and the aim of the game is to get the oversized ball into the goal as many times as possible. The player who score the most goals wins the game.

Is Subbuteo a good toy for my child?

Subbuteo is a fantastic game for all generations of football fans. The younger generation will enjoy the novelty of playing the game with their friends and family and the older generation (especially Dad's) will undoubtedly enjoy reminiscing over their younger days as they join in with their children's fun! 

Subbuteo is a great game which encourage lots of social interaction between family members and friends. It is a very simple game to play that successfully takes children away from their computer games and televisions for a while!

It is easy to play and no batteries are required. It is guaranteed to provide many fun hours of entertainment.

What do other customers think?

Subbuteo has already been released into the market and there has already been lots of positive feedback from happy customers such as this customer:

"I could not believe it when I came across this new Subbuteo game online a couple of weeks ago. Of course I immediately bought it so I could play it with my kids. The kids really love it and it takes me back to my childhood days again. I remember with the old game how fragile and breakable the figures were and how we need to keep gluing them. But with this new game they are now much stronger and easier to control. Subbuteo is a great distraction away from my son's video games and the television and I love it that we can play a game together. I really do hope it makes a huge comeback!" Jim

In Summary

We feel sure that there are going to be many happy football fans of all ages this Christmas Day when children open up their presents.

Subbuteo is a must have Christmas gift for football fans everywhere. The game was such a big part of many people’s childhoods and they will have great memories of playing it as a child and will really enjoy playing it with their own children this Christmas.

Subbuteo is expected to be a huge best seller this Christmas and is featured in some of the leading retailers top 10 toys for Christmas. If you know of a child (or an adult!) who would like one then it will probably be wise to order it early to avoid disappointment as we think they will sell out quickly.

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