Razor E100 Electric Scooter by ReCreation

E100 Electric Scooter ImageChildren will definitely be the envy of all their friends with the amazing Razor E100 electric scooter! This fantastic scooter has a modern design with a child friendly twist, it also has great performance and has been designed especially for older children aged 8 years and over.

What are the main features of the Razor E100 Electric Scooter?

Here is a list of the main features of the Razor E100 Electric Scooter: 

  • This is an electric powered scooter
  • Is able to reach a maximum speed of 10mph
  • Contains a sealed battery system
  • Features a very quiet motor which is chain driven
  • Features a throttle which is twist grip
  • Needs a short kick to reach 3mph in order to start the motor
  • Features a powerful front brake for safe and effective stopping
  • Includes a rear brake which is hand operated for extra control 
  • Includes the added safety feature of an auto brake cut out 
  • A folding handlebar enables easy and compact storage
  • Includes a retractable kickstand
  • Features a 20cm pneumatic tyre at the front
  • Features 125mm polyurethane rear wheels
  • Razor E100 is available in pink, red or silver
  • Includes a handy storage mechanism on the handlebar
  • Features a wide standing surface large enough for both feet
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Includes a 90 day warranty
  • Recommended for children aged 8 years and over though some customer reviews indicate that some younger children may be able to use it
  • Scooter is lightweight
  • Box contains: Razor E100 Electric Scooter, owner's manual, rechargeable batteries, battery charger  and assembly tools

Razor E100 Specifications

  • 100 watt electric motor
  • Includes 12 volt rechargeable batteries
  • 8 hours battery charge time
  • Provides up to 40 minutes of continues use 
  • Scooter rider weight limit is 54kg
  • Weight: 13.2kg
  • Scooter measurements: 82.5cm (length),  40.5cm (width) and 91cm (height)

Let's take a closer look

The Razor E100 includes a whole range of great features; it is a brilliant combination of a cool and modern design, a durable and strong build alongside impressive performance. The scooter is able to reach speeds of 10mph and can keep  going for up to 40 minutes, making it faster and able to last longer than any other scooter on the market of its size.

Lightweight and portable

The scooter is lightweight and able to carry one person weighing up to 54kg. It can be folded down quickly making it very easy to store. It is also highly portable and can easily be stored in the car to be transferred and used at friends houses, at the park or even on holiday.

Higher Speeds than any Bike

The scooter has the ability to go at a much faster speed than any traditional bike. It is able to go up to a maximum speed of 10mph which means it is fast enough to be lots of fun for children but also slow enough to still be safe. The scooter has powerful front brakes that are highly effective and easy for children to learn how to control.

Long Lasting Rechargeable Batteries

The scooter includes rechargeable batteries which when fully charged allow continuous riding for 40 minutes. The battery takes 8 hours to reach a full charge and so will easily fully charge up overnight ready for use the next day. Also, bear in mind that most children will be stopping and starting when using  the scooter so it will last longer than 40 minutes in time.

Handy Storage

The scooter features a useful storage mechanism on the handlebar to enable school bags and other small items to be carried on it.

A Smooth Ride

The scooter features a wide and durable pneumatic front tyre that is able to withstand any lumps and bumps whilst also ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. This also aids safety as it means that with a smoother ride children have a much lower chance of falling off the scooter.

Wide Standing Surface

The scooter also features a wide standing surface that is large enough to allow both of a child's feet to be placed together whilst still providing good balance.

Environmentally Friendly

As the scooter is electric powered, it doesn't emit any harmful gases and so is very environmentally friendly.

Quiet Motor

The scooter also features a  very quiet motor and so all of the neighbours will be breathing a big sigh of relief!

Is the Razor E100 Electric Scooter a good toy for my child?

If you have an older child who loves outdoor toys then we feel sure that they will love the feeling of independence and control that driving their own scooter will give them. The scooter is easy for them to learn to use and is a really great way of promoting fun outdoor play whilst learning the importance of safety.

What do other customers think?

The Razor E100 Electric Scooter has already been released into the market and there has already been lots of positive feedback from happy customers such as this:

" My children each have one of these scooters in  a different colour and it's impossible to get them off them. I think they are great value and parts are easy to order off the internet. All the other local child gets scooter envy when they ride past them!" Pam

In Summary

We feel that the Razor Electric Scooter is an great scooter that will allow your child to experience the freedom of their own mobility whilst also being safe. It provides a great way for children to move around whilst being lots of fun at the same time.

We can already envisage lots of happy children whizzing around their neighbourhoods on their scooters on their way to the park or to their friends houses!   The scooter really is a child friendly, reliable and convenient way for older children to get around.

The Razor E100 is expected to be a best seller this Christmas and is featured in some of the leading retailers top 10 toys for Christmas. If you know of a child who would like one then it will probably be wise to order it early to avoid disappointment.

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