Let's Rock Elmo - Cute, Cuddly Interactive Fun!

Let's Rock Elmo is the new version of the Elmo character from Seasame Street, the popular American children’s television series that has been running for many years.

In addition to the fantastic Let's Rock Elmo, Seasame Street features many characters that are really well known such as Big Bird, Oscar and the Cookie Monster.

Elmo is a loveable character from Sesame Street, who is known for being full of optimism and giggles.

Rock N Roll Elmo Key Features

  • Soft and cuddly red monster
  • Sings and shakes when his guitar is pressed
  • Sings ‘ABC, Easy as 123’ and ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’
  • Includes two modes - ‘Rap’ and ‘Rock ‘n Roll’
  • Wears blue jeans and a leather jacket

So What Is Let's Rock Elmo?

Let's Rock Elmo is a wonderful toy that is highly interactive and fun. Elmo is guaranteed to keep your child entertained for many hours.

Elmo is well known as the red giggly monster from Sesame Street. Elmo always talks in the 3rd person, saying phrases such as "Elmo is hungry" which comes across as being really cute.

Rock N Roll Elmo will teach your child some classic rock ‘n roll songs including "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and "ABC". Elmo will play his guitar and shake to the beat of these songs, which will encourage your child to sing and dance in time to the music.

Elmo has 2 modes which are the ‘Rap’ mode and the ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ mode. The Rap mode can be easily switched on for some different music for your child to enjoy.

Is Rock ‘N Roll Elmo suitable for my child?

Rock ‘n Roll Elmo is recommended for children aged 18 months and older which makes him perfect for toddlers as well as older children. Elmo’s is a toddler in Sesame Street and so toddlers will really love him! Rock ‘N Roll Elmo promises to be a big hit with children of all ages and boys and girls will both love him.

Other interactive figures on sale this year include My KeepOn Dancing Robot and Smokey the Fire Truck. All these toys provide hours of interactive fun and have been released ready for Christmas.

What do other customers think?

Customers who have already purchased Elmo have given positive feedback on him:

"Musical, entertaining, fun" – Dolpal

"Take a lovable, cute, furry red monster, add 3 AA batteries and subtract a volume level control. What does this give you? A happy toddler!" - JenB

In Summary

Let's Rock Elmo is cuddly, interactive and a fun toy who is definitely going to be very popular this Christmas with children of all ages. If your child is an Elmo fan then they can now own their own Rock 'N Roll Elmo.

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