Smokey The Fire Truck - This One's On Fire!

Smokey The Fire TruckSmokey The Fire Truck is the latest toy in the Big Rig Buddies range from Matchbox and follows on from the success of Rocky the Robot Truck and Stinky the Garbage Truck.

Smokey is definitely going to make lots of little boys (and girls!) very happy this Christmas.

Smokey the Fire Truck is guaranteed to be gratefully received by all girls and boys but especially by all those budding young firefighters out there.

Smokey The Fire Truck Key Features

  • Highly interactive – responds to voices
  • Sings, dances and tells jokes
  • Eats and exercises!
  • Moving mouth and wheels
  • Motion sensors and LED lights
  • Features over 90 phrases and sounds
  • Water canon (which fires pretend water balls instead of water)
  • Moveable hose that sprays a water mist

What Is Smokey The Fire Truck?

Smokey the Fire Truck is an interactive toy truck that talks, sings, dances and responds to sound.

If you have a son or a daughter who is a budding young firefighter, then this is the perfect toy to give them this Christmas. Smokey is a highly interactive fire truck guaranteed to provide hours of endless fun for your son or daughter.

Within a short time of owning him Smokey is bound to become their new best friend!

Smokey the Fire Truck contains voice recognition technology so your child will be able to talk to Smokey and he will respond by talking back and moving his mouth and wheels! Smokey is also sure to make your child laugh as he is able to tell lots of jokes.

Smokey encourages children to interact and role play. As an example of this; once Smokey is at a fire, your child will be able to get out his brilliant movable hose that sprays a fine water mist and expandable ladders to help Smokey to put the fire out.

If you're specifically looking for interactive figures this year, you may also be interested in Rock N Roll Elmo or Dance Star Mickey who also feature interactive play for kids.

Is Smokey Suitable For My Child?

The manufacturer Matchbox has stated that because of small parts, this toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

What do other Customers think?

Unfortunately, we're unable to find out other customer’s feedback as Smokey the Fire Truck is so new to the market. However, with all these amazing features, Smokey the Fire Truck is definitely going to be a big hit this Christmas.

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