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Innotab 2 by Vtech

There is an updated version of this toy here.

The well known children's toy company Vtech has updated its child friendly multi-media handheld tablet computer just in time for Christmas 2012.

The Innotab 2 is an upgrade from last year's Christmas best selling children's tablet computer.

It contains a range of features including a colourful and vivid touch screen, a self rotating camera, a video as well as an MP3 player.

What are the main features of the Vtech Innotab 2?

Here is a list of the main features of the Vtech Innotab 2: 

  • A 5 inch LCD touch screen
  • A G-sensor for motion game play enabling the tablet to be used in both portrait and landscape mode
  • A microphone for improved game play
  • Compatible with other Kidizoom products
  • Compatible with original Innotab cartridges and apps
  • A rotating self-portrait camera enabling children to take their own photos and video clips
  • USB cable included
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries
  • Suitable for children aged 3-9 years 
  • Available in a range of colours including pink and blue
  • Vast range of software includes an e-reader, a video player, an art studio and a photo viewer
  • Includes a range of educational games, creative activities and e-books
  • 2GB storage which can be increased to 32GB by using the SD card slot (SD card needs to be purchased separately)
  • Parents can download more games and apps from their computer on the Vtech Learning Lodge site (note an SD card  is required to do this) 
  • Secure WiFi downloads available on the Innotab 2s version of the tablet
  • Rugged and durable child friendly design

So what's new?

The Innotab 2 is an upgrade of the original and highly popular InnoTab which was released last year. The InnoTab 2 is still compatible with the same cartridges and apps as the InnoPad, is still aimed at children aged 3-9 years old and looks similar to the original Innotab.

However, there are some interesting new features included on the Innotab 2. It now includes a self-rotating  camera which can be used for photos or videos.

Children will now be able to take their own self-portraits! It now includes 2GB of memory and the forthcoming InnoTab 2s model even includes secure WiFi downloading of games, music, ebooks and apps.

However, the big question on every parent's lips is whether the Innotab 2 will provide  enough entertainment for their children to stay away from their parent's iPads!

Watch the Innotab 2 Video

What's in the box?

The Innotab 2 is available in blue or pink and comes with all of the following:

  • A photo viewer so children can view the photos including ones they have taken
  • A video player so children can watch downloaded content as well as videos they have taken themselves
  • An MP3 player so children can listen to music
  • Art studio to help boost children's creative skills
  • 2 games including one tilt sensor game and one reality game
  • An e-reader and an e-book to help encourage children's reading skills
  • A notes app
  • A  friends list
  • A calendar 
  • A calculator

Innotab 2's main competitor is called the Leapfrog LeapPad 2 and this children's tablet is also expected to be a best-seller this Christmas. One benefit of the Innotab 2 over the LeapPad 2 that we discovered is that it features a little kickstand on the back enabling it to be stood up to allow children to watch and listen to downloaded media without needing to hold the tablet.

Those people who already purchased lots of games and apps for the original Innotab will be pleased to know that they will still be able to play all these games and apps on the Innotab 2 as well as getting 15 additional apps.

More than 200 Apps available for download

The VTech Learning Lodge (available for PC or Mac) gives users the ability to download more than 200 apps as well as purchase a vast range of cartridges.

There is another version of the Innotab 2 soon to released called the InnoTab 2s. On the Innotab 2s users will also be able to securely access apps via a WiFi connection which means plugging the Innotab into another computer to download content will no longer be required.

The Innotab 2 includes 2GB of memory and downloads of up to 32GB can be stored on SD cards.

Is the Vtech Innotab 2 a good toy for my child?

If your child has an interest in technology, especially tablet computers such as iPads then they will love playing with the Innotab 2.

The InnoTab 2 is a multi-media learning tablet that combines educational and fun activities. It includes a variety of activities for children including educational games, creative activities and e-books. We think that children will have so much fun playing with the Innotab 2 that they won't even realise how much they are learning!

This tablet will help children to learn in a variety of ways. By engaging with activities on the Innotab 2 children will quickly develop their skills in reading, spelling, maths and creativity.

It will also help them to improve their motor skills, their speech and language and visual development, their hand and eye coordination, their awareness of sound and their creative and imaginative skills in an enjoyable and interesting way.

What do other customers think?

As the Innotab 2 is so new to the market, there are no customer reviews yet available. However, we feel sure there will be many reviews from satisfied customers as we get nearer to Christmas 2012 and more tablets have been purchased.

In Summary

VTech of course hope that the addition of the self-rotating camera and the vast app selection will encourage potential customers to choose the Innotab 2 over the competing LeapPad 2 tablet.

However, having researched both new devices  we feel that the LeapPad 2 may have the edge over the InnoPad 2 this Christmas as feedback states it is faster and more responsive.

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