Vtech InnoTab – A Tablet PC for Children!

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There is an updated version of this toy here.

The VTech Innotab is a must if you keep mislaying your iPad only to find it in your child’s bedroom! If your child loves your iPad then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now purchase them their very own child friendly tablet computer.

Electronic toy company Vtech have just released the VTech InnoTab which is an amazing handheld tablet targeted at children and guaranteed to be lots of fun for them to use, whilst providing great learning capabilities along the way.

What are InnoTab Key Features?

Here is a list of the key features of the InnoTab:

  • handheld tablet for children
  • 5 inch LCD colour touch screen
  • Tilt sensor
  • 64MB memory 
  • Includes a variety of features including e-book reader, MP3 player, video player, and photo viewer 
  • Syncs to Mac / PC with USB cable
  • Fully compatible with Kidizoom products

What is the VTech Innotab?

The VTech InnoTab is great fun for children as well as helping them to learn. It includes a range of built-in features allowing children to listen to music, watch videos and read interactive e-books.

Children will to be really impressed by InnoTab's interactive e-books. These e-books are highly interactive and colourful and they contain characters, graphics and sounds. Children will enjoy exploring these e-books whilst developing their reading skills.

The VTech InnoTab also contains many other activities to keep children entertained. They can listen to music, watch videos and use the art studio to draw and colour. Children can also organise themselves with the included calendar and add their friends and family to their own address book.

The InnoTab syncs to any Mac or PC with the USB lead. This means it can be connected to the web for access to more games and e-books from the VTech Learning Lodge. Parents can also use Vtech’s Learning Lodge to keep track of their child’s development. Along with the Innotab, VTech have been busy with the release of the Kidizoom Twist Camera and the VTech Kidiminiz pets, just in time for Christmas.

It is also possible to purchase software cartridges containing interactive e-books, games and other activities. These games will enable children to enjoy their favourite characters such Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse and Toy Story whilst developing their reading, spelling and creative skills.

Watch this InnoTab Video

Is the InnoTab a good toy for my child?

If your child enjoys technology and is always getting hold of your iPad then definitely! They will enjoy many hours playing with their own multi-media tablet.

The VTech InnoTab is aimed at children 4-9 years old.

What do other customers think?

“Very cool toy for my 5 year old son who loves to push buttons & play with electronics” - AK

In Summary

The VTech Innotab is a wonderful toy which is definitely going to be a big hit this Christmas. If you have a child who loves electronics and pushing buttons then this has to be a must buy for them!

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