Vtech Kidiminiz – Interactive Pets for Children!

VTech Kidiminiz PetsChildren’s toy company Vtech have now released the VTech Kidiminiz. Kidiminiz are super cute interactive pets that are tipped to be popular bestsellers this Christmas.

The VTech Kidiminiz Pets features a kitten, a puppy and a bunny and these are available in a range of different colours so you can choose a pet and a colour to best suit your child.

What are the Main Features of the VTech Kidiminiz?

Here is a list of the main features of Kidiminiz:

  • 3 different animals to choose from
  • Ability to choose from 27 different electronic faces 
  • Electronic faces react to sounds and music
  • Pets animated voice
  • Arms and legs move
  • Includes a 24hr alarm clock
  • Mini games included
  • Interchangeable parts   
  • Fully interactive with other Kidiminiz pets

What are VTech Kidiminiz Pets?

Children everywhere are really going to love their Kidiminiz pets as they are a great source of fun and entertainment. Children can interact with their pet in many ways such as by clapping their hands and in response their pet will sing and dance. Children will also enjoy the added benefit of being able to play mini games on their Kidiminiz.

VTech Kidiminiz have the amazing ability to interact with one other when they meet. Your children will love it when their friends visit with their Kidiminiz and they all get together and start singing and dancing with each other! Kidiminiz also have interchangeable parts so children can customise their pet and even swap parts with their friends.

Children can also customise their pet by choosing different expressions for them – they can select different eyes, noses and mouths – they are sure to have great fun altering their expressions and might even change them to suit their own mode.

VTech Kidiminiz pets also include an alarm clock with a happy music alarm. VTech have been really busy this year and have also released the Kidizoom Twist Camera and the VTech Innotab ready for the Christmas shopping period.

Is a VTech Kidiminiz pet a good toy for my child?

If your child likes animals and electronic toys then an interactive pet will be fun and  educational for them.

VTech state that the Kidiminiz pets are targeted at children from 3-6 years old.

Kidiminiz pets are educational as they can help children to develop in a number of ways including their motor skills, social development and speech and language.

Kidiminiz can also help to children to learn to tell the time and let them experience the joy of caring for their own pet.

Check Out the Kidiminiz Video

What do other customers think?

“i got this for my 4yrs son and its so cool! ive been playing with it all afternoon! its great that you can turn it into a clock for when they are not using it!

"just want to get a few more now so they can talk to each other!!” - R. williams

In Summary

VTech Kidiminiz are wonderful interactive pets that children everywhere will love. They are guaranteed to be a bestseller this Christmas.

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