Walmart Christmas Toys Will Set the Tone this Christmas

Walmart looks like it's all set to unleash the fun for the big holiday season at the end of this year. So, what is on the menu from the retail giant for the kids? To kick things off, Walmart brings the Toy Week, which provides kids with a sneak peek into the top listed toys for the holiday season.

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Force Friday Gala

Next in line is the most eagerly awaited Force Friday which comes on September 4. This is when you get to see the spanking new and exclusive merchandise from Star Wars are unveiled. The range of products is just amazing with around five hundred products giving you choices in groceries, health and wellness items, toys, apparel, and a whole lot more. Of course, the choice of products gets bigger and better on

Holiday Layaway Program

Up next, we have the Walmart holiday layaway program which will be inaugurated on August 28. What makes this year's program different from the past is that price for eligible items have come down to an amazing ten dollars with minimum basket worth $50. All you need to start your layaway account a 10% down payment. You have until December 14 to pick up your layaway items.

Cookie Oven toy

The Publicity Drive

The retail major is implementing a huge publicity campaign targeted for customers during the holiday season urging them to choose Walmart to meet all their shopping needs. To make it easier for parents to know what to shop for, Walmart gives kids the opportunity to tell them which toys they are looking out for the most. The list gives parents a clear idea as to what their kids wish to get as a Christmas gift and the pricing is very competitive.

Walmart has a huge Walmart Christmas Toys campaign for the launch of their "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" merchandise. The retail chain will offer exclusive merchandise for fans and collectors from all around the world.

T Rex Toy

Festive Kick Off

You can even pre-order the Legendary Yoda from The festivities kick off on September 4 at 12.01 a.m. across 2900 Walmart stores around the country. You can get to know what the Force Friday events in your neighborhood will be by visiting

Walmart will be the exclusive outlet for finding Star Wars Galactic Connexxions trading disc game by Topps. Customers at the retail chain will have access to a free limited edition disc pack, which would include a rare star field disc that is exclusively available through the packs distributed on Force Friday. It doesn’t end there.

Hulk Smasher Toy

If you find special redemption disc in the game sold at a Walmart store, from the Walmart portal, or during any of the events, you stand to get a super rare 14 karat gold disc along with a Star Wars makeover for your room absolutely free! If you're a true blue fan of the Stars Wars franchise, you can preorder the Star Wars Battlefront and Disney Infinity 3.0 from

Hot Toys of the Season

Walmart let kids do the marketing research as always for their toys. The retail chain took the help of hundreds of kids in the age bracket of 1-1/2 - 12 years and let them play with some of the hottest toys on the market to get a sense of the evolving demand. Documenting the results of this campaign, Walmart has been partnering with suppliers to make sure the right toys are available in stores at a comfortable price for their customers.

Little People Zoo Toy

Here is a sneak peek into some of the hottest toys of the season:

All said and done, the holiday season looks pretty much excitement packed for the kids and provides a much more relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience for the grown-ups as well.

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