If you are looking for gift ideas for someone who loves The Wolverine character from X Men, here are some great items for consideration.  These would work well for fans of the comic book character as well as fans of the actor who portrays him so convincingly, the ever so talented and very handsome Hugh Jackman.

#1 Buy The Wolverine Movies

The Wolverine is part of the X Men team but if you are looking for films that concentrate on the story of Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman,  you currently have two options.  You can purchase the first film made, called X Men Origins: Wolverine. This was released in 2009 and also features Liev Schrieber, who plays Wolverine's half brother. It also features a rather scary looking Ryan Reynolds.

The other film choice is the 2013 film simply called The Wolverine.  Although this is a standalone movie, it does follow on from the events that occur in a previous X Men movie, (X Men: The Last Stand). Concentrate on just Wolverine's story or invest in the complete X Men series. Either way, fans of the film franchise, the character and Hugh Jackman will be happy to receive one, two or the complete set of films as a gift.

#2 Buy a Wolverine Inspired Leather Jacket

If you are looking for a Wolverine inspired gift that is also very practical, a sturdy leather jacket would be a great choice. This jacket is made from 100% real cow hide so it is not a costume. It could be purchased for that purpose but this can be worn everyday.  A real Wolverine fan will appreciate the detailing that has gone into the design and making of this outfit. 

It is made from soft black leather with a white and orange edging, outlining the X Men symbol. The X Men symbol is also replicated on little buttons that sit on the collar as well as the waist area of the jacket.

A Wolverine superfan will definitely appreciate receiving this as a gift for any special occasion.

#3 – Buy a Wolverine Poster

There are lots of different types of Wolverine posters that you could choose but if you are the fan of black and white images, then this 22x34 inch movie print would be perfect.  It depicts Wolverine with his claws out. The artwork has been created using shadowing techniques which highlight Wolverine's taut torso and muscular arms.

This piece of artwork would be a great gift for both Wolverine and Hugh Jackman fans. 

#4 – Buy a Wolverine Bobble Head

If you are looking for a fun gift item then get a Wolverine Bobble Head figure. There are two versions to choose from. You can get the one where Wolverine is in his yellow and blue suit.  This  would be quite cute for younger X Men fans or those who prefer the comic book version.  Or you can purchase the figure where Logan is bare chested, has his sideburns on display and his claws are fully extended.

Whichever one you choose, they are both fun little items and would make a great gift for any Wolverine fan. 


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