One of the biggest boy bands to come out of the UK in recent years is One Direction. They were formed on a singing competition show, didn't win, but have gone on to conquer the music world. Here are some great gift ideas for anyone who is proud to call themselves a “Directioner”.

Buy One Direction Bracelets

Why buy one fan bracelet when you can get a whole collection of One Direction inspired bracelets?  This pretty collection includes 20 different types of wristbands with symbols and phrases that show the allegiance of a One Direction fan.

The phrases include the name of the band, One Direction, a bracelet with I heart Liam, with one for each member of the band and a couple of wristbands include lines from their famous hit songs.

These bands are inexpensive and so cute, any fan would be proud to own and wear these.

Buy One Direction Earbuds

One Direction are all about the music and one way for a fan to feel even closer to their heroes is to listen to this music with a pair of One Direction Earbuds.

The earbuds have been made into little heart shapes and each one has “1D” printed in bright pink.  The cord is also bright pink and the whole thing comes in a cute drawstring pouch. The pouch has a picture of the band on the front.

This is a cute and practical gift idea for a One Direction fan of any age.

Buy One Direction Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Wall decals can completely transform the look and feel of a room so to create a One Direction room that will be simply heavenly for a fan, get your Directioner a collection of the band in sticker form. This collection of stickers features each band member as well as a sticker that has their signature on it. There are also individual stickers that say “I heart..” followed by the name of each band-mate.

Your super fan can decide to use all of the stickers or just display the ones that feature their favourite member of the band.

Any teenager will be happy with this gift offering them images of their dream guys.

Buy One Direction: This is US -  DVD

If you are looking for a special gift for a One Direction fan and you cannot afford to buy a concert ticket or the band isn't playing near your town, the next best thing is a DVD about life on the road

This is a documentary style film that features interviews with the different members of the band.  There is also concert footage so your super fan can experience One Direction performing live.

By then end of the film, everyone will know a little bit more about Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis.


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