Last year, there were a lot of amazing camera deals on Amazon, particularly on the better ones and the same is true for this year as well. Take this Nikon D3200 DSLR for instance, last year during the Christmas sales; more than $200 was slashed off its price.

The newer models are where the big savings are expected to be found this year during the Christmas period. One of the best and increasingly popular cameras this year is the AF-S Nikkor 20mm, so keep your eyes open for great 2014 deals for it.

Another big seller that was available with huge savings last year was the Canon EOS Rebel T3I DSLR, which is also predicted to feature in spectacular deals towards the end of the year. As good a camera as this is, you may also want to lookout for the Powershot sx700 and sx600 models as soon as they become available.

Sony released a great camera last year that was actually named the Camera of the Year and was available for incredible prices during the Christmas sales. It is expected to be one of the highlights and must buys this year as well.

If you are looking for a real technological gem, you should consider purchasing the Sony QX1 or QX30 cameras if you can. These are unlike any camera you will have had experience with in the past, as they are state-of-art lenses that can be attached to your smartphone. Once you attach them, your cellphone’s screen becomes the camera’s viewfinder. With these so-called E-mount lenses you will be able to take perfectly framed, clear photographs without having to think about it. The pictures taken with these lenses will rival many of the snaps that many of the market’s best cameras are capable of taking.

Fujifilm has a series of cameras that are also worth checking out, as the FinePix and X models are renowned for always taking high quality photographs and with the FinePix JX 650 selling at 50% off last year, there are expected to be similar deals this Christmas.
Getting a great camera for less than $50 is a great deal and means that you can buy them as great stocking fillers or gifts for young teenagers and children. Watch out for the Fujifilm models X100T, X-T1 and the FinePix S9400W as they are expected to go on sale during Christmas 2014.

Also, remember other great brands such as Samsung, Vivitar and Kodak who always offer amazing deals at Christmas and therefore are guaranteed to do the same this year. Regardless of the brand of camera you decide to buy this year, don’t forget to pick up the practical and helpful accessories available such as tripods, action stabilizers, hand straps, extra lenses and camera bags.


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