Did you miss out on the amazing deals big name brands on Amazon were throwing around for television sets last Christmas? Well, don’t be down about it if you were because the TV deals are back with a bang for Christmas 2014!

HD television has taken over and that’s what is on sale on Amazon this Christmas. 720p or higher is regarded as HD; it is advisable to look for HD television sets with a screen size of less than 40”. This is because wider screens tend to pixelize the images too much.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the deals you should be looking out for.

Samsung is a power brand in electronics and their quality is not compromised with their range of televisions. Last year, Samsung allowed consumers to save a bundle with a great deal on the 65" Class LED 1080p 120 Hz HDTV. This Christmas, you too can avail savings on a new Samsung UN65H6350 65 inch Smart LED TV.

Nowadays, everyone seems to be upgrading to smart televisions, mainly for the multiple features offered and performance. They can be connected to Wi-Fi and used for streaming movies, TV shows or videos via pre-loaded apps or sites like Amazon’s Instant Video and Netflix.

There are even Smart televisions that come with social networking apps for users to browse and update their profiles, as well as surf the web. Obviously, these televisions do not come cheap; however, if you’ve been saving up, you’ll find that the Christmas discounts on these models make them affordable and more likely to be sold out quickly so don’t waste any time when they go on sale.

Christmas, 2013, saw a huge rush for the discounted LG 55" Class LED HDTV. If this model does not go back on sale this year, keep an eye out for deals on the LG Electronics 55LB6300 55 inch Smart LED TV.

When compared to LCD TVs, LED television sets are a much better option as the picture quality and resolution is higher and displays clarity images. Moreover, they take up lesser space because they are slimmer, and are also more durable than LCDs.

When you switch on this LG model, you have the option to visit sites like YouTube, Hulu Plus, Skype and more, via the Launcher Bar. Last year, there was a great deal on the LG Slim 24" Class LED 720p HDTV which is expected to return so watch out for that one.

Another LG model, a more advanced one, is expected to go on sale during the festive season which is the LG Electronics 32LB5800 32 inch 60Hz LED. This is one you want to jump at because it is energy efficient and equipped with HDMI ports. You won’t find discounts on this model during the rest of the year so don’t miss out on it.

In 2013, one of the big sellers around Christmas was the Vizio LED Smart 3D HDTV. This year, however, Vizio E500I 50 inch LED HDTV is the one to look for on sale as it is predicted to sell out quickly. This particular model has zero lagging, making sports or action scenes much more enjoyable, without the flickering. It also has built-in Wi-Fi.

Samsung did pretty well in sales last year, particularly with their T Smart 55" Class Slim LED 3D 240Hz. The model was sold along with 3D glasses. This year, one of their more popular models will be the Samsung UN55H7150 3D Smart LED TV.

It boasts screen mirroring and features 2D and 3D viewing of movies and videos. You can also transfer movies, videos and pictures from your smartphone to view on your TV.


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