Doctor Who is a science fiction television series that first went on the air in the UK in 1963. It follows the journey of a time travelling time lord as he meets aliens from different dimensions and works to help those who need his assistance.

Since then, many actors have played the titular role and any fan of Doctor Who would welcome any gift related to this much-loved television character.  Here are a few gift ideas you could consider.

Buy a Doctor Who Box Set Collection

The ultimate gift for any fan has to be the complete DVD collection featuring their favourite Doctor.  You can purchase complete DVD sets with the last 3 Doctors played by actors Matt Smith, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. 

If this particular Doctor Who fan was born a little earlier, he or she might prefer to have copies of the TV shows featuring the other amazing actors who filled the shoes and the Tardis for a season.

Buy a Doctor Who Tardis Travel Mug

A Doctor Who fan who is always on the go will appreciate the gift of a Tardis clad travel mug.  You can get a mug that is stainless steel in construction, with a 16oz liquid capacity.  This mug comes with the image of the electric blue Tardis covering the whole cup.

You can choose to get the slim line travel mug, which would sit neatly in any car cup holder, or you can opt for the 14oz travel mug, which comes with comes with a sturdy looking handle.

16oz -

Buy a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

Every Doctor Who fan worth his salt should be in possession of a Sonic Screwdriver.  This is the multi-purpose tool that accompanies the Doctor where ever he goes. The screwdriver has been used for a multitude of tasks including opening locked doors, scanning for alien life forms and repairing various electronics.

Each Doctor has his own style of Sonic Screwdriver so you will want to be sure that you know which version you should present as a gift. You can also buy a cool Sonic Screwdriver set that will allow you to personalise it.  This would be the best option if you are unsure which Doctor your fan is fanatical about.

Buy a Doctor Who License Plate Frame

A fun way to liven up the boring old license plate is to get a distinctive looking license plate frame or cover.  You have the option of getting a Doctor Who license plate frame that is the same blue colour as the Tardis. Around the frame, a message is printed which states “My other car is a Tardis”.  Such fun.

You can also get a license plate cover which has the same message with an image of the Tardis printed on it too.


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