Anyone who is a fan of Disney's Frozen will definitely appreciate receiving a fun gift item that is themed on this wonderful Disney story.  Here are just some of the basic gifts you could buy to get that collection started.

Buy Disney's Frozen DVD

If you are looking to share your love for the Disney movie with others, then the first thing you will want to ensure they have is their very own copy of the movie on DVD.   The movie has a PG rating so would make a great gift for children and adults too.

The movie is also available in the Blu-ray format. Anyone who watches this movie is sure to become an instant fan and they will not be able to stop singing those fantastic songs.

Buy Disney's Frozen Dolls

Once you start looking, you will discover that there are quite a few Frozen dolls to choose from.  The main characters have been represented in differing forms so the type of dolls you buy will depend on the age of the person who will receive the gift.

A Frozen Doll for Children

If you are buying a doll for a child, the My First Disney Princess Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll might be the perfect option.  This doll is suitable for children aged 36 months – 6 years old.  She wears a beautiful ice blue dress, similar to the character in the movie and the doll has long lush blonde hair.  This particular model lights up and plays songs including the most famous one of all, “Let it Go.”

This doll also comes with a mini Olaf doll.  This would be the perfect gift for any special occasion.

A Frozen Figurine Set for Older Fans

If you are looking for something that is more suitable for older children, you could buy a Frozen figurine set.  This would be just the kind of thing that work well as a play-set and also look great on a mantelpiece over a fire or out on display on a feature shelf or display case.

Buy Plush Toys

If you think that a plush toy would be more fun, then there are plenty of Frozen inspired soft toys to choose from.  Go for an Anna and Elsa plush toy set and your child will be busy for hours on end making up fun games to play.  These also make very cute companions to cuddle up with at bedtime.

Another fun plush toy is the cuddly figure of Olaf the Snowman.  Available in a variety of sizes, you could choose something miniature that will sit happily on a desk or you could choose a large 19 inch plush toy that will be come your child's best friend where ever he or she goes.


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