Apple's products, among the most popular electronic devices today, are hot sellers during the holiday season. IPad deals for Christmas of 2014 will mirror those of earlier years. Buyers can find older versions at huge discounts. Retailers will offer limited quantities of newer ones at discounts as well.

Apple constantly updates its IPads with better features. Newer models have the same design, but come with upgraded functions. The company improves the IPad Air, the IPad and the IPad mini, all with eye-catching retina displays, and includes them in yearly Christmas deals. It enhances the IPad Mini as well.

All these IPads have a few common features. Their batteries last for a long time. The device functions for about nine to ten hours before you have to charge it. All of them are Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to share files and media with your friends instantly.

These devices have two cameras, one on the front and the other behind. The front cameras has a Face Detection feature. All IPads can record videos with a high-definition of 1080p. You can upload these on Youtube at once.

IPads come with Siri, a useful knowledge navigator and personal assistant that absolutely thrills consumers. Simply speak your question and the device searches for the answers. This helps you greatly when your hands are full with other tasks.

Each IPad comes with incorporated speakers and microphones. Facetime ability is a unique function of these devices. It allows you to call another person using video, if his device has this feature as well.

IPads work in tandem with other devices, provided both have the same functions. If you have Facetime on your IPad Mini, you can still communicate with someone who has it on his computer. To add, IPads allow you to sync devices. Many social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus work on both IPads and computers. You can connect across IPads and laptops.

Each IPad model uses a different processor chip, making it stand out from its siblings. There are also variations in speed and storage space. The IPad mini only stores up to 16 GB of media and other files, while the IPAD Air has 128 GB of space for you to use.

Apple's famous IOS operating system is different among IPads models as well. The IPad mini and IPad with retina display run on IOS 7. The IPad mini with retina display and the new IPad Air operates using IOS 8.

Apple's reliable, renowned IOS operating system is the reason for the high demand for Apple's products. With the recent introduction of IOS 8, newer IPad models function at greater speed and have updated features. IOS 8 now allows you to edit images after you capture them. It shows users each application's battery usage and allows credit card scanning using Safari. The upgraded operating system allows you to use messages like you never have before. Simply tap on each text message to add your voice.

If the IPad that you choose during a Christmas sale uses the IOS 8 system, make sure that you hold on to it.


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