Wearable technology is especially interesting when it comes to fun and sports. 

There are many different ways you can use technology to enhance adventures and improve your performance.

Here's My Top 3 Wearable Technology Gift Ideas for Fun and Sports

GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System

The GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System will help you improve your golf game by analyzing your entire round of golf.  Unlike some trackers, this one does more than just provide data about your swing.

This small device will capture a ton of information, but won't get in the way of your game.  You'll simply turn on the power, place the device on your belt and then you're ready to play.

You will also need to install the tags that go with each club.  Then before you take each shot, you'll need to place the tag next to your device.  This takes less than a second and just requires a simple tap.

After that, your GAME GOLF will start tracking information.  It uses the club that you've chosen, combined with where you are on the course to visualize your entire round of golf. 

Rather than analyzing your swing, this device actually helps you get a big picture idea of how you play the entire game.  You'll be able to visualize the entire round and see both your successes and the mistakes you've made.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

If you're a basketball player, the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is one of the best tools you'll find for improving your game.  This is the tool that the National Association of Basketball Coaches considers its official smart ball - and for good reason.

At first glance, it looks like any basketball you've ever seen.  But upon closer inspection, you'll find that it includes many features that will help track your performance and improve your game.

The ball is activated when it's been bounced four times and will go to sleep if it doesn't have any activity for over five minutes.  This helps extend the battery life and not waste needed energy. 

The battery is designed to provide you with eight hours of life before needing to be recharged. You'll receive a wireless battery charger with the ball, making it easy to charge it up when the battery is drained and it's not in use.  

You can connect the ball to an app on your iOS or Android smart device - and as you play, it will transmit information. You'll learn the statistics about your shot speed, shot arc, and shot spin.

Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Camera

The Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Camera is built for the adventurer in you.  This is a simple camera that's a great value for your budget and will allow you to take high quality video wherever you happen to go.

The camera comes in four different colors - including black, blue, red, and green.  The camera is small enough to operate with just one hand.  And this camera is waterproof - even without an additional case. 

You can use it underwater without having to add any extra bulk to it. When you're ready to record, you can just slide the Instant On-Record switch into the on position and record. 

This makes it easy to turn the recording on and off - even if you're wearing gloves or have other bulky equipment to handle. The quality of this camera is outstanding.  It records 60 frames per second when you're shooting and gives a smooth playback.

The camera comes with a built-in laser level that's perfect for making sure you have the angle you really want.  With other cameras, you have to guess - but this one allows you to have pinpoint accuracy.


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