When it comes to your health, technology is a great way to monitor conditions that can become life threatening.  There are many wearable technology devices that can provide you with accurate and consistent monitoring.

Here's my top 3 Wearable Technology Gifts for Health:

BodyMedia LINK Armband Weight Management System

The BodyMedia LINK Armband Weight Management System will help you keep track of your activity and give you the information you need to lose weight and get in great shape. 

This device is worn around your upper arm and measures your activity level all day.  This is the same armband that's featured on the show The Biggest Loser.  It will monitor your calories burned, how many steps you take, and also how much and how well you sleep.

Studies have shown that this is the most accurate fitness and sleep monitor on the market.  You can rest assured that the monitor is giving you accurate information upon which to base your fitness and nutritional choices.

Lark Pro Sleep Monitor Silent Alarm Clock and Personal Sleep Coach

If you struggle with good sleep or you need a personal alarm that doesn't wake your sleep partner, the Lark Pro Sleep Monitor, which acts as a silent alarm clock and also as a personal sleep coach, is the solution for you.

Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but most aren't getting anywhere near the amount that they need.  And you may not be getting the quality of sleep that you need, either. 

But how do you know for sure? With this monitor, you'll get accurate information about how much you sleep and the quality of your sleep.  It measures all of your movements throughout the night and records them on an app with your smartphone.

Based on your personal sleep patterns, the sleep coach will then give you tips on how to improve your sleep.  For example, it might suggest you go to bed a little earlier. 

It can also give you insight if you suspect you have a sleep problem.  You can take the data that the monitor records and share it with your doctor who may suggest further sleep studies. 

PEAR Pro Training Intelligence System

The PEAR Pro Training Intelligence System will help you improve your workouts and it uses your heart rate to figure out your optimal training level.  If you've struggled with improving your fitness or you need to carefully monitor your heart while you exercise, then this tool will help you do that.

If you're already an avid runner, this system will work well for you.  But even if you're a beginner, you can use this coach to help you begin walking or running workouts that advance your fitness.

When you open the package, you'll find a Square One device, earphones, a heart rate monitor that straps to your chest, a foot pod, a USB cable, and a nylon storage bag. 

You can quickly connect the Square One device to your computer and install the software. Once you've done this, you can strap on the heart monitor and the foot pod, turn on your Square One device and get moving. 


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