There are many reasons that a tracking device might make sense for you.  Whether you want to keep track of a person, a pet, or a particular object, there is a tracking device that matches your needs. 

Here's my top 3 Wearable Technology Gift Ideas for Tracking and Safety:

LassoTag iBeacon

If you're constantly losing your phone, your purse, your keys, or other important items, then you need the LassoTag iBeacon. You can actually track up to 6 devices with individual tags and the LassoTag app. 

All you have to do is attach the LassoTag to the item you want to track and then set up the app to connect with it.  It will automatically connect to the app when you place the tag next to your iPhone.

You can create an alarm so that when the tag gets more than 50 feet away from you, it sets off an alert.  You can get an alert through text message, a phone call, or just a phone notification on your screen.

Garmin Delta Dog Training Collar

If you're working on training your four legged friend, the Garmin Delta Dog Training Collar is a high-tech helper that will make it a much easier job to accomplish.  This consists of a collar with a GPS tracking device and stimulator along with a remote control that operates it.

You can set the trainer to have three different actions that signal your dog.  You can have electric stimulation, a specific tone, or even some sort of vibration.  You'll only need one hand to operate this simple three-button remote.

You can use the LCD display on the remote to figure out which settings you want, and you can even program the remote to have different settings for different dogs that you're working to train.

No matter what the breed or coat thickness of your dog, this device can be configured to work well.  And the remote will work from as far away as half a mile.  This collar will help you train your dog for its own health and safety as well as the safety of others.

V.ALRT VSN400 Personal Emergency Response Device

The V.ALRT VSN400 is an emergency device for individuals that is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to send an urgent text or message to someone.  Whether you're a woman who loves to jog in the park, but worries about her personal safety or a senior citizen living alone who fears having a bad fall, this device is a great choice.

This is a very small gadget that can be worn on your wrist the same way that you wear a watch. In fact, it looks a lot like a watch.  But the device can also be worn as a pendant or a belt clip if you prefer. 

It uses Bluetooth technology to send messages from your smartphone.  That means you don't need any type of extra subscription service, but you do have to have a smartphone that operates with iOS or Android technology.

Once you've set up the device, you'll be able to text up to three different contacts.  You can also initiate phone calls so that you make sure the person on the other end notices it - and you can do all of this with the touch of one button.


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