One of the biggest deals that will be sought on Amazon this Christmas will be the Wii U. Gamers will be able to find a wide range of entertainment offers and bundles for this system.

The most significant feature of the Wii U console is that it is compatible with older games. Often console upgrades result in consumers having to buy all new games. This is not the case with the Wii U system.

Old Wii games are able to be played on the Wii U which allows consumers to continue to enjoy the games that they love. Although older Wii games can be used on the Wii U it will require that the games are transferred to the Wii U. This transfer can take time if an individual has a large collection of games.

Multiple players will love the Wii U system. With this system, five different people can all play games at once. This can be done if there are four controllers and one game pad purchased for the Wii U system.

Additional controllers are not included and must be purchased separately. The gamepad is included in the original Wii box. Consumers will also enjoy that the Wii U provides rechargeable controllers.

An exciting feature of the Wii U is that additional players can jump into levels that are being played on games at any time. Through simply picking up a controller and joining in individuals can quickly and easily join into the gaming action.

The Wii U allows individuals to create a customized Mii avatar that looks like them for their game play. Miiverse is the social network that Wii U users are able to utilize.

Through interacting with gamers in this social network answers to questions that individuals may have about levels can get answered, pictures can get posted and shared, and tips for beating levels can be shared. The Wii U along with the original Wii provide a vast array of gaming options to families and friends which make it a highly desired gaming system.

Parental controls are also available with this system. Parents are able to enjoy peace of mind through restricting the permissions required for games to be purchased. Parents also have the ability to block their child from the Miiverse site and from interacting with other individuals through this social network.

In addition to all of its gaming offers and features, the Wii U also provides the ability for individuals to watch television, even when the Wii U is also being used for playing games. Games can be played on the gamepad while other individuals watch movies or television shows on their TV screen.

This 2014 Christmas will offer Wii U game bundles that feature either a Mario game bundles or a sports game focused bundle. When the Wii U is purchased in a bundle consumers will be able to save even more money on this affordable gaming system.

This Christmas the Wii U will be available at an incredible sale price and the Wii will also be deeply discounted as well. Consumers will still be able to enjoy the original Wii due to its wide range of family games that are still available in retail locations and through deeply discounted prices available through sales of used games.


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